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PANTO 1910

We design and manufacture custom-made doors and windows for three generations: a team of motivated people, always in tune with the needs of customers and eager to convey all the wonder of the PANTO world through their work, because PANTO works for you!

1971 CODOGNE 5000MQ

Your every need is listened to and together we create your dream, we realize your desires, drawing on over 110 years of experience, providing the highest standards of quality, design and innovation together with all the advantages that only a large company can offer.

PANTO 1972

Panto since 1910 is one of the leading manufacturers of doors and windows in the world, differentiated by designing its products, believing in customization to make your home unique and special.


We've been designing and manufacturing bespoke doors and windows for three generations: a team of motivated individuals, always attuned to the needs of customers and keen to convey all the awesomeness of the PANTO world through their work.


Drawing on more than 110 years of experience, we deliver the highest standard of quality along with all the benefits only a major company can offer. free advice, detailed quotes, prompt delivery, professional installation. a competent service offering personalized technical support.


PANTO takes your ideas and turns them into reality: with modern, designer solutions tailored to your requirements, we never disappoint.


At its production site located in San Biagio di Callalta Treviso, with an area of over 60,000 square meters, over the years and currently, we collaborate with leading architects and operate in various fields, from private homes to public buildings, hotels, villas, museums, business premises. There is no limit to the added value offered by owning a PANTO product because it is a status of well-being, safety and quality.