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Panto Lab

Our designers and sales personnel are known for being good listeners and naturally curious, which is what leads them to explore new paths. This, coupled with our flexible manufacturing, is what fuels our eagerness to keep tackling new issues, which is where PANTOLab comes in: set up to oversee the product cycle from the drawing board through to installation of the end product, this is an organization that architects, contractors and our more demanding private clients can interact with, sure in the knowledge that they're getting the best solutions in terms of quality, function, design and energy efficiency.



PANTO with its varied range of products, designed with the latest technology allows us to satisfy any kind of request, residential or commercial, in terms of sizes, layouts and functionality. From the windows to the dimming systems to interior doors, the quality of Panto remains unchanged. Panto offers an infinite number of combinations of materials, finishes, choice of handles, glass options, hardware and many others, to meet any kind of need.



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قد وشعار غينيا يبق, وتزويده بالولايات ٣٠



Panto windows in line with its own traditions is preparing to launch a revolutionary window by changing the form, construction and design. Absolut is born, the window glazing flush with the wall built without the installation of glazing beads. The...