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We've been designing and manufacturing bespoke doors and windows for three generations: a team of motivated individuals, always attuned to the needs of customers and keen to convey all the awesomeness of the PANTO world through their work. Drawing...
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PANTO FINESTRE S.r.l. was established to harness the legacy of the whole PANTO world, bolstered by experience spanning three generations of entrepreneurs and skilled workers, in the design of doors and windows tailored to the requ...
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Energy saving

The home and energy conservation. The line between energy conservation and alternative energies is often blurred. Simply put, the only way to heat and cool a building efficiently is to optimize its insulation. And this is where the window plays a ...
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We only use materials sourced from the best producers and meeting the highest European standards (CE). So when you buy a finished product from us, you know you're getting a product that's certified and guaranteed. We've responded to the most innov...
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PANTO has always adopted a customer-oriented approach, which is why we offer prompt and comprehensive support. We encourage open dialogue. With your input, we develop ideas and solutions that we can share with you and eagerly cultivate into the fu...
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